Step Three: Place Deposit

A Deposit of $1000 for Select and Excellent/Import Puppy is required for a hold. You can pay this deposit with 2 options. ETRANSFER is what we prefer. We no longer have credit card machine, so paypal must be used in this case. They charge 3% for ALL Major Credit Cards, Visa Debit Best through EMT (email money transfer) with your online banking.

Option #1: Email Money Transfer

We accept Email Money Transfer or e-transfer (preferred). Just fill in this form and you will be emailed automatically all the info needed to send us an e-transfer. Once that is done you will get an invoice emailed to you with your deposit and balance marked clearly.

What is email money transfer or e-transfer?

Click here for a full explanation

Option #2: Credit Card / Visa Debit

We accept credit card payments or visa debit payments over the phone. Make sure this option was selected in the deposit contract. We will contact you by phone or email to set up deposit payment.


Thank you very much for your business, you will be receiving an email shortly. Any questions or concerns please contact us and we can discuss them.

Once deposit is paid…