Female Dogs

Astra von Fliegendenstern
SIRE: VA8 BSZS 2018 Jax dei Precision IPO3
DAM: V Perla von Fliegendenstern IPO1
JUST IMPORTED IN, Welcome our new female Astra. She is so sweet, great temperament, colours and best of all, her pedigree screams volumes. From 2 Titled parents and all the other...
SIRE: VA2 Luger vom Aspenhaus IPO2
DAM: Agi von Rijhoff SG,2(SV), Tsz
NEW TITLED IMPORTED TOP TOP PEDIGREE hips and elbows certified, hd, ed clear. Coming in within a few weeks. She is already pregnant.  
SIRE: Yarro v.d Tempelhoeve (NLd)
DAM: Wilma Von Funken spiel
ELSA is a fabulous female with such a sweet temperament and perfect drive. She is from our own famous Wilma Von Funken spiel & Main Stud Fynn Yarro v.d Tempelhoeve (NLd) She...
SIRE: VA1 Gary Vom Huhnegrab
DAM: V Janey dei Precision
Bella is a very Sweet loyal girl who loves to play fetch and has the best temperament we have seen in a while. Hailing from a super top pedigree. Her father has TOP TOP VA1...
Rain Von Shiphra
Beautiful Daughter of our very own CONBHAIREAN MAGY , Awesome pedigree. She has it all. Beauty, structure, and real natural out of the gate. Rain is a goofy fun loving dog with a...
Xenia von Fliegendenstern
SIRE: VA(RUS) Maybach Tigback Hof
DAM: V1 Andromeda v. Fliegendenstern IPO1
Xenia is one of our newest import females. We love the expression of black pigments in her as well as her gentle predisposition. Her pedigree screams out as she has the great...
Zelma von Shiphra
SIRE: Freddi-von-Modithor
Zelma is an impeccable female with a sweet disposition and is always ready to please. She has a World renowned pedigree, hailing from her father freddi-von-modithor DAD Pedigree
Wilma vom Funken Spiel
SIRE: V2 Volvo vom Funken Spiel AD BH IPO1
DAM: Tenja vom Funken Spiel IPO 1
Wilma is an exceptional female with a pedigree to die for. She sports a rich dark red coat and dark black sadles. She is registered and an import from Croatia. Croatian reg #...
SIRE: Dasty Emsi-Haus
DAM: Bally vom Team Panoniansee
Emma is a Large absolutely stunning female. Great disposition, character and a gentle soul. The Perfect Female GSD IMO. She has an excellent structure and pigmentation she passes...
Conbhairean Magy
SIRE: SG1 & SG24 BSZS Conbhairean Gio
DAM: Olympia vom Steffen Haus
Amazing import female with great colour and structure. We are truly blessed to have her in our breeding plans. Her pedigree is also to die for. View Magy’s Mother (Olympia vom...
Meeka von Shiphra
SIRE: SG16 JKRL BSZS 2016, 2xSG1 Brendon Team Falvavolgyi
DAM: Vv1 Lora od Čakovca 2015
Meet Meeka! A gorgeous girl with a gorgeous personality. Always loves to please and play. We’re so in love with her rich coat full of amazing saturated colours. View...
Kim von der Maksimmus box
SIRE: V Santo od Petkovica IPO-1
DAM: Nelly vom Gedersberg
Kim is one of our newest import females. We love the expression of black pigments in her as well as her gentle predisposition.
SIRE: V Nero Sedlarski
DAM: SG-2 Belen by Bono Vox
Tina is a gorgeous girl with great drive. A little stubborn she is a dog that is more on the aloof side. She’s overly protective and a great mother to boot. She was one of...