Registration Papers! FCI versus AKC/CKC

FCI versus AKC/CKC

By Martin Wahl

Note from Let’s Talk Breeding:  The same argument can be stated for the FCI versus the KC.  When any registration group allows itself to be more concerned with registration monies and fees received from showing and working events instead of promoting the healthiest possible dogs and requiring dogs registered with them and being used as breeding stock to pass at least the minimum genetic testing for disorders effecting the breed, that registration group, be it AKC, CKC, KC or any other acronym needs to be seriously restructured or abolished.

Author’s note: I know of several good and reliable breeders in north America, but the AKC/CKC registration environment they have to work within makes ALL breeders look bad. The purpose of these pages is to give the novice puppy buyer some idea of why there is such a big difference in all the dogs being called “German” Shepherds, and where those differences come from.

Why are FCI registered dogs so much healthier than AKC/CKC registered dogs? Because FCI rules and regulations are designed to improve individual breeds and to safeguard them from exploitation by humans. The CKC (admittedly) and AKC have no such rules or regulations.

Even though the FCI (like any bureaucracy) isn’t perfect, it definitely is making an effort to rule and coax and guide breeders toward breeding better dogs in ‘single breed’ registries, which can not be said about the CKC or AKC with their ‘multi breed‘ registries. On the contrary, North American registries have been investigated by several other bodies, as pointed out in “Other opinions”, and seem to be coming out looking like greedy loosers every time (at least I am not aware of a single positive outcome). The CKC’s chief executive officer has admitted to the CKC’s inability to regulate puppy mills and unethical breeders.

One example: FCI registries such as the SV will issue its Registration Certificate only once for each puppy (to the original breeder) for about the same fee as the AKC. After that, the papers stay with the dog. When the dog is being sold, the seller must enter the new owner in the space provided on the original papers without additional fee. The AKC/CKC on the other hand, insist that every new owner must get a new registration and pay the full fee again, – and again, every time the dog changes ownership. And it doesn’t even include a certified pedigree (however unreliable), which again costs an additional hefty fee (FCI registration certificates usually include a reliable 3-5 generation certified pedigree at no extra cost).

Another example: The FCI requires all its member clubs to prohibit the sale of puppies and dogs to, or through, any type of dog dealers or agents, especially pet stores, while the AKC and CKC happily give quantity discounts for registering larger numbers of puppies (which most often are these helpless little creatures manufactured in US and Canadian puppy mills). 

The core of the North American pet-overpopulation problem

Any Pet offered for sale in any store is simply “merchandise”, because the link between its breeder’s love and care*), and its new owner’s need for help and knowledge in caring for this tiny living being has been broken. Pet-store-merchandise is sold to anyone with the necessary cash on “impulse”, and just as quickly gets thrown away on another impulse, or in frustration out of ignorance (the lack of knowledge), thereby creating a new demand for more puppies that those puppy mills are only too happy to fill. It is a “market driven” pet population and registry system (in North America).

*) No breeder would ever sell what he/she carefully and painfully and lovingly nurtured, to a thoughtless or unappreciative person. So why is everybody harping on individual breeders, telling them that they are the ones responsible for the breed, while ignoring and completely missing the REAL puppy-mill pet-store merchandise problem, created by the carelessness and/or incompetence and/or greed of the AKC and CKC,along with a majority of veterinarians, dog trainers, and a few, but well established very large, puppy mill type, breeders?  Small individual breeders like me couldn’t possibly influence the workings of THAT system in any way.

As to my integrity; after breeding ‘Real German’ (working) Shepherds for 12 years, I am no longer breeding because I am ashamed to call myself a “breeder” in north America (without the availability of an FCI recognized ‘single breed’ registry in Canada). “Going along” with, and using AKC/CKC registries would mean to support them financially by paying their fees, and morally by recognizing their rules, but worst of all, by handing their worthless papers to unsuspecting puppy owners. I am not able to act that unscrupulous or blindfolded.

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