German Imports Vs CKC

German Imports Vs CKC/AKC Registered Dogs. The Standards of The CKC and AKC THE TRUTH, the public doesn’t realize about these Kennel clubs.



It is not the registration but the PEDIGREE THAT MATTERS!

I am asked almost immediately when someone is inquiring about a puppy, if they are CKC registered or come CKC registered! IT is very sad that the Canadian Kennel Club and society has taught us, or made us think that CKC registration is a must have for an ethical breeder! This is so far from the truth. The ONLY reason these papers matter is if you are Showing or titling a dog IN CANADA. They hold you hostage by needing these papers thus needing the CKC and all their fees associated. It is like the dog Government. There is no concern about the dog, where it came from, what bloodlines, if it was quality or full of hip dysplasia. In fact did you know that the CKC will let you breed a 6 Month old and do not require any hip checks or anything to register your dog. As long as you pay the fees then it is registered in Canada. You have to have both parents registered in Canada also. So they have Canada monopolized and reap all the financial benefits.

So when you are looking for a dog or a breeder that is CKC registered, it only means that breeder register his dogs with the CKC. Thats ALL! IT DOES NOT MEAN you are getting quality AT ALL.

There are so many unethical breeders, breeding just for money and have no concern whether hips are done or dog is healthy, or ansestry has a history of medical problems. Mean while the customers looking for a CKC registered dog think they are buying quality and from an ethical breeder, and getting a healthy dog. SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH!. This means NOTHING.

So what do you do? Your home work. I have a few FCI registered dogs from Serbia and Poland that i don’t bother registering with the ckc because they don’t recognize them as a country. So they make you run through hoops to get such papers. You better have a bill of sale, and the brokers name who imported the dog, the fci papers will be in the sellers name. The CKC then makes you meet them in a parking lot which you pay for, to say ok this is a German Shepherd and the micro chip matches. Here is your CKC papers. Took me 2 years one time! NO MORE! 95% of my customers want a high quality dog from World champion bloodlines with no history of disease in their ancestry, generations of high quality non hip dyspepsia dogs. Some Sons and daughter of the best dogs out their, World Champions 1st Place, VA Seiger titled dogs! The BEST in the world! This is what I sell and buy very often.

If you need a CKC dog that is registered we have some of those as well. You may need to show for example and this is the only way. I would love to cut the CKC out all together but some customers need to show so what can i do. I can guarantee that these CKC dogs are the same quality with the same credentials and were probably German Registered first!

Here is a list of what CKC requires then you will see what the SV German Registry requires to register and BREED in Germany. The SV standards are what you want! It is that simple! This is also why you see CKC dogs for $600, $800 and $1000. Some of my dogs are $2000 for a puppy NON CKC Registered with pedigrees to die for! The best dogs in the world. Some go up to $5000 for a puppy. It is not the registration BUT THE PEDIGREE THAT MATTERS!

I can honestly buy adults and breed CKC registered dogs and sell them for real cheap! This is unethical! Why? To please the public? No Sir! Any of my puppies I sell CKC or not are the best bloodlines in the world period! Long lives, healthy, beautiful and total quality. You ALWAYS get what you paid for.


Please read the German Standards (SV/FCI) vs Canadian Standards (CKC) and American (AKC Standards)

SV Breed Standard

Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV)

The founding registry of the German Shepherd. Established In 1899 and led by former cavalry captain,
Max von Stephanitz, the SV was born, and so too was the German Shepherd. “Horand v. Gafrath”
acquired by Max from the Sparwasser kennel was to be the very first dog entered into this
new breed registry. The rest is history.

Since that historical day in 1899, the SV has gone to great lengths to insure the integrity of the breed. Von Stephanitz had created an organization – the SV – for the development of his beloved breed over which he exercised absolute authority, for he knew that the weakness of man’s nature must not be allowed to stand in the way of progress. For this reason, several requirements for breeding were established over the years.

1) BH test: This is the first rung on the ladder to achieving the rights for breeding. This test could be described as a test of character, temperament and control in a urban environment. The BH is seen by the SV as the starting point for the career of any German Shepherd, whatever form it may take.

2) “a” stamp: Evaluation for possession of suitable hips.

3) AD test: This is a test of endurance that includes a twelve mile run.

4) Schutzhund: A working test for obedience, agility, tracking and protection.

5) Show ranking: This has become an integral part of breed improvement.

6) Korung ( breed survey ): The final step in achieving breeding status for the German Shepherd is the Korung. This is an evaluation by a Kormeister (Breed Master) of the complete German Shepherd dog against the standard in respect to temperament, conformation and functional ability. Dogs recommended for breeding are admitted Into KKLI, and those suitable for breeding are admitted into KKL2. Those not passing the Korung may not be used for breeding.

As one can see, the Germans, through the SV are very proud of their breed. By establishing such requirements for breeding, they have assured themselves of the……… Total German Shepherd.

If your not Purchasing an SV German Shepherd…….do you really know what you’re getting?????


German Standards

FCI Standards

AKC/CKC VS SV Standards

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