Kibble Food

Ok so here is my opinion on kibble!

This is the best answer I think anyone can give you. There is no kibble that someone can name and recommend for your dog that is proven to be the best for YOUR dog.

Meaning you need to try it first and it is NOT guaranteed to work good. I have done alot of research, experimenting different kibbles. some even very high quality, very high protien, so called organic, healthy Dog, bla bla bla. Most of the market is flooded with crap to say the least. Even those $100 bags you think you are giving your dog the best but you are not.

Answer: If you find a medium grade or high grade 6 star food that works for your dog, healthy coats, teeth and most of all POOP! It’s all in the poop! If you see nice poops and the coats are glowing and they are thriving, this food works for your dog.

I have specificaly fed several dogs at the same time, the same kibble. Lets use the number 10. Out of 10 dogs it could be only 6 that have the nice poops, coats etc.. Could be all that have the runs for over a week (stay away from that one!) Every dog even in a specific breed is DIFFERENT! Stop wasting your money on breed specific foods that you will pay more for thinking you are getting the best for your breed.

I will say this. I do not and would not ever recommend feeding any dog food that is cheaper than $39 for an 18kg bag. In this case you do not always get what you pay for, so don’t run off and get the $120 bag just yet. If you can afford that then go raw and prolong your dogs life. This would be your best option.

You were probably looking for specific brands to feed. I will recommend some here for example but I am not guaranteeing your dog will thrive from them. Try them and see.

Taste of the wild, Orijen, Acana, Artemis, blue wilderness, before grain, Fromm, Innova, Wellness core, Blue Buffalo. These are 5 and 6 star rated food on  Most are grain free and corn free. No fillers. We know food and you should take advice. Cancer ingredients are found in other known foods. Again these are only some.

I personally am against Iams for several reasons which I will not mention. You can google Iams crulty and watch a video if you would like. Eukanuba which is owned by Iams has has several recalls for various problems such as samonila.

If there is a dog food like nutrience that i feed sometimes now and they ALL do good on it. Hard poops in 3 days and they do very well on it.

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