[RETIRED] Kolt vom Alpenhof

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Gender: Male
Born: December 30, 2009
Father: SIEGER NASS 2010 Xbox Dei Precision
Mother: V Zasara vom Kirschental

About me:
Please meet the stud of studs, Kolt vom Alpenhof! We couldn’t ask for a better top stud for our kennel. He has large bone structure and a massive head, what German lines strive for in perfection! He sports a coat with rich reds and deep blacks. Aside from his stunning good looks his pedigree just screams amazing dog! He is the son of World champion SIEGER NASS 2010 Xbox Dei Precision! Look here to see what Xbox has accomplished Meet XBox. His mother is Zazara vom Kirschental, a stunning female with perfect structure, temperment and colour. Don’t believe us? Check her out yourself! Meet Zazara Kolt is a gentle giant. He is great with kids but his drive to please and work for his owner is immense. We are very pleased to see these traits pass on to his progeny.

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