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Our Pups are on TV!


We had the wonderful opportunity to feature some of our Shiphra Shepherd puppies on set of several tv shows. We’re excited to share with you our day on set and the awesome tvshows we were featured on!

On the set of LETTER KENNY

Letterkenny is a Canadian television sitcom, currently in production for a scheduled debut on The Comedy Network and CraveTV in the 2015-16 television season. The show stars Jared Keeso as Wayne and Nathan Dales as Daryl, two friends living in the small town of Letterkenny, Ontario, a fictional community loosely based on Keeso’s own hometown of Listowel, Ontario.

We brought two pups and Laura to the set! What an amazing day and a great experience to be working along side a production team.

View some more info on the new series here Letter Kenny Show on Comedy Network

Some photos from the set!

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On the set of the ODD SQUAD!

OddSquad3We’re so excited to be working with the production company of the ODD Squad, a popular children’s show on PBS and TVO kids. 2 Hanna pups will be in an outfit and saving the day as the lead character who was turned into a puppy by an Evil master.

View some more info on the tvo show here The Odd Squad!





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