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Grizzly (Caesar) von Shiphra

Hi Dean,
Just wanted to thank you for helping me pick such a fantastic dog.  Caesar (Grizzly von Shiphra), has got an amazing combination of pedigree, nerves, intelligences, temperament and superb potential for Schutzhund training.  This is one exceptional dog. Great with my 3 and 5 year old kids who love him to death. My dog trainer can't stop singing the praises of this dog and its abilities and potential and he has seen and trained plenty of dogs.   Not only that but he is so gorgeous he is the centre of attention wherever he goes.  Everyone compliments on what a beautiful shepherd he is.  Next question is always where I got him from and I always mention Shiphra Shepherds and highly recommend you guys.   The attached picture was taken after a particular exceptional training session.  I am one proud owner !

Thanks again,

Kourosh A

Pepsi Lite Vom Shiphra

This is Pepsi Lite Vom Shiphra , I want to share Our wonderful Girl with the Group , She will be 6 months old on the 19th of this month . She finished Her Puppy Class and is now entered in a Beginner class , I am going to continue with Her in Obedience and nose work , She will truely excel, She is truely amazing in temperament and Smarts and looks . Everyone that meets Her loves Her . I want to thank Dean and The Family for picking such a wonderful Puppy for Us . She is Our 5th GSD and She ranks right up there with the Best and that's saying something . Thank You Dean for picking Pepsi Lite (Electra) for Us , She is beyond Our expectations , also thank you for the furtherment of the Breed , I recommend Shiphra Kennels for anyone wanting a Great Dog

Dean at Shiphra Shepherd says:
Just received this beautiful gift for our new baby from a great customer who is really happy with his pup. Pepsi lite. Thanks Tom and Gladys from the US.

Tom & Gladys — (Tafton, PA)

Our New Pup Titan

Was so excited to meet what we are calling "Titan" last night. He walked into the house and we knew he was a perfect fit. Our twins had a blast playing with him this morning, I'm pretty sure he thinks that they are puppies too lol, but was not aggressive or overbearing in the least. Our older dog doesn't quite know what to think, he has pretty much kept to himself and pouted in his bed since the arrival other then when we took them out for a walk last night. But I am sure that he will come around. He did great in the crate last night didn't whine just went in, went to sleep and howled once at 4 am to go pee. Cannot thank you enough for making sure we got the right fit for our family.

Talk to you soon

Lindsay (Oshawa)

Proud new puppy Owners!

1016610_10152964139415061_135276986_nI can not speak highly enough of Shiphra Shepherds. Dean was amazing every step of our journey. He helped us choose the right dog for our family, and is there for support with whatever we need. We could not be happier with our new puppy. She is smart, gentle natured, and beautiful. Thanks Dean.

Christine Cassell

Proud New Owners from The UNA N Litter

922948_378751628897275_426020769_nWhat can i say about Shiphra Shepherds? Too many good things but ill sum it up real quick! Dean was amazing every step of the way. He showed he truly cared about what the customer wants and was prompt on returning any emails or calls! He truly is an amazing man he deals with multiple clients daily and still has the time to take care of each client individually on a personal level. He doesn't just sell the dog to you, he gets to know who you are and and that to me is an amazing experience! He keeps his customers updated constantly about their puppy or any other relevant information. The dogs are absolute top quality! they are from an amazing bloodline that can definitely be trusted and relied upon. The dog's that come from this breeder have top notch genetics! Furthermore Dean helps his customers out with any questions they may have whether it be regarding the breed or anything related to training a new puppy. He truly cares about his customers and his dogs! Overall dean is the best breeder i have ever dealt with and i highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a prestigious German shepherd with amazing healthy genetics. You truly get beautiful dogs from this guy! Thanks Dean!

Christian Farah

Brought our new pup home!

Hi Dean, got the litlle guy home safe and sound. He slept most of way home, then he played tug with blanket, and decided he was hungry so he chewed a hole in food bag to get our attention. Fed him on way home, had a poo at home and it was normal. Hes investigation house now. He is definitely going to be a handful......but you picked a winner. Will send pics later. Thanks

Gillian C

Echo (Diesel) Von Shiphra

Hi Dean... just wanted to say that Diesel (Echo) has settled in and doing very well. He is very smart and was sitting within a day, the within 2 days is shaking paw. He walks right by your side on the leash and is clearly very proud of himself. We just adore him and thankful to have him with us.

Connie H