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A Simple Guide Over The Chromecast Setup Process

No doubt that Google Chromecast is arguably one of the cheapest and perhaps the best casting software in the market today, it comes with some exceptional features which allows the users to stream and cast their favorite movies and videos on the television set.With the newly added features in the interface and some changes in the design of the new Chromecast Ultra device is grabbing many eye balls in the market.  But before you binge- start watching anything on the software, how to set up chromecast process before you roll out your multimedia content. Generally, the chromecast setup is simply easy and intuitive but if you encounter any issue whilst the process, here`s a guide on the setup process.

Set up process

  • Hook the chromecast to your TV- the first step is to plug in the chromcast device into your television set and also plug in the USB wire into a compatible port. But also keep in mind that if you are using the latest launched device from Google i.e. Chromecast Ultra, you will then need to connect the adapter with another outlet since USB port wont` sustain.
  • Download the Google Home app- it is the number one or the top Chromecast software in the market today. You can either download the software from Google app store or IOS store. Moreover, most of the android devices today come up with pre-installed software. Also, if you are using the chromecast device on your desktop, you not need Google home app; just Google Chrome application is enough. Besides this, you can also download software from Netflix, HBO home etc.
  • Select the devices in Google Home- after this, you need to select your device in the set process. The option is visible at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the setup- now, the Google home app will set up the Chromecast set up automatically. All you need to do is to just click on ` continue` while the process ends.
  • Check the code- if the code on the screen and your mobile phone matches, click on `yes`.
  • Choose a name- here you need to set up a name to the connection.  You also have the option of adjusting privacy and the guest options on the screen.
  • Connecting the chromecast to the Internet- you get to choose the network which can be wired through an ethernet cable or a wireless network over wifi.  You have to enter the password here from your mobile. You will be required to use the chromecast and applications over the same network.
  • Sign into Google Account- this is an optional step. Even if you do not sign in, you can watch all the movies and content from Youtube and also stream movies from Google play movies. This finishes off the Chromecast set up process.

In fact, the chromecast process in the new Chromecast Ultra has been made easy since and it doesn’t exceed more than 5 minutes. The device downloads essential software over the internet in these five minutes.


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