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Save Fantasia

Fantasia is a pup that went out at 8 weeks and I took her back because the vet said she had Congenital corneal dermoids. What is that? That’s what I asked. I have never seen this. It is rare and not bad breading. Some puppies get them from all different breeds. It is hair, like eyelash hair that is actually underneath the eyeball skin and grows out of the eyeball.

Here is a link with more info on the condition:

So we have someone that is willing to buy her and help pay for the surgery she needs. We have had a few people offer already to help fund raise for her too. Alta Vista Animal Hospital in Ottawa can do the surgery. it is estimated at $1800-$2000. If everyone donates something, we can all save this pup so she can have a perfectly normal life. This needs to be done now to ensure her future healing.


Thank you for donating


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