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Gorgeous/Trained Adult Male

Jagger von Shiphra – Gorgeous/Trained Adult Male – Price: SOLD

Gender: Male

About me: Meet Jaggar 2 1/2 year old SON OF WORLD CHAMPION Basko Vom Barmstein.
View Basko’s pedigree here

Jaggar is a very big Male, son of world Champion Basko Vom Barmstein. He is 2 ½ years old and has his whole life ahead of him. Jaggar was brought back to us because his ex owner became very ill. We have had him back 6 months now.

Jagger is ready for a new forever home. He is a $4000 dog that is not neutered. He is seriously reduced because he has a small injury. In laymens terms it was a spinal stroke. He was paralyzed from the hips back and couldn’t walk. He has fully recovered as much as he is going to. You can hardly notice the flaw unless you look for it. Rest assured, it won’t repeat itself and he is a 100% healthy dog now. It only happens once. He runs like the wind and is not a weak dog. Very tough alpha type. He needs a strong owner to male him mind as he is strong headed himself. Beautiful dog, just needs a forever home, one who is willing to just look past his flaw which can hardly be noticed.
He is best suited on a farm or country atmosphere so he can be free and run. He is use to water, trucks, woods, fishing etc….. as this was the old owners lifestyle. He hates cats! A couple with older children would be ok. He is not use to young ones but just ignores our 4 year old. He is a Very impressive serious dog who needs to have a happy life.
Serious inquiries only, price is firm and was already cut in half. He is ready to go today!