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Gina Needs a Retirement Home

Gina Needs a Retirement Home – Price: $1500


Gender: Female | Age: 6 years old

About me:
It’s time for our beautiful Gina to be retired. We are so proud of Gina and all that she’s done for our kennel. She is the creme of the crop. Her structure and body is that of perfection. She is always ready to please and her temperament is exactly what we strive for in our pups. Her pedigree is a whole other story. She hails from greats such as VA 8 BSZS 09 Bojan vom Pendler, Yasko vom Farbenspiel and VA3 Esko vom Dänischen Hof. These pedigrees speak for themselvesView Pedigree

She comes fully trained, and fully vet checked. Everything about her is perfect.