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Older Puppies for Sale_Archive

Nikki Von Shiphra from Litter N – Available for Sale or Co-Own

Gender: Female
Birthdate: April 4th, 2013
Age: 3 months old

About me:
Meet Nikki. She is the top pick of the litter. She is a German import pup with a brilliant, vibrant red plush coat, good structure and big boned. She has an excellent temperament. She is crate trained, has all of her shots/vaccines and deworming. She is currently fed on raw food.She is now for sale as an Excellent rated puppy or co-own to the right owner. She is also available for sale with breeding rights. Meet the parents!

Nikki’s Gallery

Kaiya Von Shiphra from Litter K – Kaiya is now SOLD to a loving family!

Gender: Female
Birthdate: January 26th, 2013
Age: 10 weeks old
Dam: Ulme Ze Slomkowa
Sire: Hobo Vom Kleinbrook

About me:
Meet Kaiya. She is a Breeders pick. Pure excellence. Her coat has deep black pigments with super rich reds. She has a high drive and is willing to please. Full of vim and verve she is super adorable. This 10 week old pup just has it all.She is now for sale as an Excellent rated puppy. We do not find too may of these that turn out like this and so will not last long. She has Ursus Von Batu blood in her pedigree and her grandfather is the outstanding Basko Vom Barmstein.

Kaiya’s Gallery

Thank you for looking at our German Shepherd Puppies Born page. We are a Small select German Shepherd Breeder in Kingston Ontario. All puppies and prices are based on many differentfactors. The parents, grandparents, titles, quality, grading, coat, structure and many other factors. Each litter will have their own pricing schedule. Most pups are reserved sight unseen in the professional breeding world. So if this is your first time looking for a quality breeder and find all the puppies reserved. This is why People reserve them in some cases before the Dam is even bred. It is the offspring of the parents you are buying.

Your pick # is based on deposit order given. If you are the 3rd deposit received on a litter, you get the 3rd pick. If the other 2 are for a female, you may have the 1st pick of a male. So you can get lucky this way. Regardless, we find by the time it is all said and done, we do assist with the picking and help match the puppy to the new owners, as we are very familiar with each puppy at the time of 8 weeks old. We have 100% happy customers so far with the way it always turned out. All customers have stated we couldn’t have picked a better match.

In the picture to the right is a dog we homed to a family in the U.S. Pepsi Lite. Another perfect match!