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Meet the Litter M

Litter M – Expected Puppy go home date – June 12 , 2013

  • Dam’s Birthdate:
  • Dam: Nensi von Komar
  • Sire: SG Gandy von Panoniansee
  • Sire’s Birthdate:
  • Dam: Uganda Cromontana
  • Sire: VA1(ÖST) VA12(CH) Urbo vom Leithawald

A Direct German Import Litter of Excellence!. Viendi is another one of our german import girls. She is a big boned and confident girl. She is the kind of dog everybody would want in a companion animal and these traits are surely going to be passed onto her pups. She has a beautiful rich black saddle which will, mixed with Unik the studs deep pigmentation will bring out the best in looks for the pups. The red in the parents just pop!Another reservation worth while!

Meet the Mom – Viendi

Viendi is a direct import from Germany. She has a very deep rich red coat and this will be prevalent in the pups. She has a very confident, sweet and outgoing nature which is what every german shepherd’s temperament should strive for.

Here are some pics from when we Viendi first arrived home

Some updated pics of our beautiful Viendi

Photos & Updates

As the pups grow older we will be updating this page with pictures and news so you can follow along with their growth and development.

April 9th – A big congrats to the stud Uniks Walepharm land for winning 1st place in the SG1 world champion youths. Sehr Gut which stands for ‘Very Good’; is an official German show grade and the highest obtainable by dogs under two. He is well on his way to becoming one of the greats!

April 13th – We are excited to announce that Viendi is starting to whelp

April 18th – Proud to announce that Viendi had 9 very healthy pups! 4 males and 5 females!

May 5th – The pups are two weeks old now! In a few weeks their eyes will start to open.

May 8th – The pups are now old enough to be moved over to a new environment. They are now on wood chips to help keep them clean and to help mum teach them proper cleanliness habits. Click on the arrow to move through the slideshow

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May 14th – The pups first meal!


May 30th – Outside!