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i Litter Photos/Videos


i Litter Born Oct 25th 2012 – Ready to go Home Dec 20th 2012 – 6 Puppies Born – 6 Females
We have 6 absolute beautiful females, strong medium drive puppies in this outstanding litter. Both plush and short coats of excellence. This combination is perfectly geared towards family, sport and guardian. BIG boned Large puppies, black and red.
There are 2 gradings for these pups. Select, and Excellent! Select will be $1000, Excellent $1300

Black Collar SOLD Purple Collar Blue Collar SOLD

$1000 Grade (Select) $1300 Grade (Excellent) $1300 Grade (Excellent)
White Collar Burgundy SOLD Yellow  SOLD

$1000 Grade (Select) $1000 Grade (Select) $1000 Grade (Select)

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Nora & Kai 6 Females available for Christmas

First photos taken Dec 3rd 2012

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All puppies and prices are based on many different factors. The parents, grandparents, titles, quality, grading, coat, structure and many other factors. Each litter will have their own pricing schedule. Most pups are reserved sight unseen in the professional breeding world. So if this is your first time looking for a quality breeder and find all the puppies reserved. This is why People reserve them in some cases before the Dam is even bred. It is the offspring of the parents you are buying.

Your pick # is based on deposit order given. If you are the 3rd deposit received on a litter, you get the 3rd pick. If the other 2 are for a female, you may have the 1st pick of a male. So you can get lucky this way. Regardless, we find by the time it is all said and done, we do assist with the picking and help match the puppy to the new owners, as we are very familiar with each puppy at the time of 8 weeks old. We have 100% happy customers so far with the way it always turned out. All customers have stated we couldn’t have picked a better match.