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Ticket Holders

Disclaimer: We are not in the practice of just giving away a puppy to just anyone. We still need to approve the home she will go to. This is why we picked a female. With her will come her full vaccines, deworming, puppy training for 1 week, lifetime support and training tip, troubleshooting problems and more. We are also here the rest of her life for support. A standard puppy contract will accompany this puppy to protect her for life against abuse or neglect and more. We are not just giving away a puppy to an unfit home. If we find that the winer is unfit to own this puppy we will take a second drawing all in the best interest of the puppy. If you do not have a suitable home please do not participate. Thank you and we hope to get a lifelong owner for this pup. Please remember, dogs are not gifts for people. Play to win for yourself, not to give away unless to a family member or very good friend who is aware they may get a puppy, they must be approved for ownership.

Current ticket holders will be listed here.
1. Theresa Norris (Ontario)
2. Michael Adkins (Washington)
3. Michael Adkins (Washington)
4. Michael Adkins (Washington)
5. Michael Adkins (Washington)
6. Michael Adkins (Washington)
7. Angela Kirk (Ontario)
8. Angela Kirk (Ontario)
9. Angela Kirk (Ontario)
10. Angela Kirk (Ontario)
11. Angela Kirk (Ontario)
12. Stephen Richardson (Ontario)
13. Piotr Oglaza (Ontario)
14. Stephen Richardson (Ontario)
15. Stephen Richardson (Ontario)
16. Stephen Richardson (Ontario)
17. Stephen Richardson (Ontario)
18. Stephen Richardson (Ontario)
19. Jason & Christine Cassell(Ontario)
20. Jason & Christine Cassell(Ontario)
21. Jason & Christine Cassell(Ontario)
22. Jason & Christine Cassell(Ontario)
23. Jason & Christine Cassell(Ontario)
24. Kim Crumpton (Ontario)