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Conbhairean Magy

Gender: Female Dam:Olympia vom Steffen Haus Sire: SG1 & SG24 BSZS Conbhairean Gio About me: Amazing import female with great colour and structure. We are truly blessed to have her in our breeding plans. Her pedigree is also to die for. View Magy’s Mother (Olympia vom Steffen Haus ) View Magy’s Father (SG1 & SG24 BSZS Conbhairean Gio)

Hummel vom Tatzend

Gender: Female Dam: V 1 , (SG 1 BSZS HGH 2011) Zambia vom Tatzend SCHH 1 Sire: SG Chicco vom Marienbach IPO1 About me: An import female Hummel vom Tatzend. Can we say amazing? Hummel is CKC and SV PINK PAPER registered. She is DNA’ed, Hip and elbow certified HD ED HD/ED Normal Her parents pedigree’s are to die for! View Hummels pedigree Click here

Meeka von Shiphra

Gender: Female Dam: Vv1 Lora od Čakovca 2015 Sire: SG16 JKRL BSZS 2016, 2xSG1 Brendon Team Falvavolgyi About me: Wonderful girl from our very own Fiona. View father’s pedigree click here View Mothers pedigree Click here

Sasha von Shiphra

Gender: Female Dam: Fiona Team Carrera Sire: SG16 JKRL BSZS 2016, 2xSG1 Brendon Team Falvavolgyi About me: Wonderful girl from our very own Fiona. Meet Sasha, one of our wonderful girls from our import litters. She has amazing colour and structure. The red in her coat is super saturated with deep nice blacks. View father’s pedigree click here

Ursa von Shiphra

Gender: Female Dam: Nora von Shiphra Sire: Zenon vom Amalaberg About me: Ursa is a gorgeous long haired red and black girl.

Fiona Team Carrera

Gender: Female Dam: 2XSG3,3XSG2 Oly od Petkovića Sire: VA1 SRBIJA 2014 Maximus Yugerschof IPO 3 About me: Fiona is a titled Female SG1, and 2X VV1, hips are graded EXCELLENT and elbows all done! HD -a ED -0 She is full of vim and verve! A wonderful addition to our kennel. She has amazing structure and an even more amazing pedigree! View Fiona’s Pedigree


Gender: Female Sire: VA1(HR,SER,MK) V18 Tyson Fixfrutta IPO3 Dam: VEGA VOM RADHAUS IPO1 About me: Neda is a fantastic female with Super colors, great structure, outstanding temperament and great around children. She is direct daugther of world famous VA1 Tyson Fixfrutta. Neda will definitely make a super addition to any breeding program. Her bloodline includes grandfathers 2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard SCHH3 and V Oxford vom Radhaus IPO 2. View Neda’s Pedigree


Gender: Female Dam: INDY VON SHIPHRA Sire: ZENON VON AMALABERG About me: My bio is coming soon!


Gender: Female Dam’s Birthdate: Dam: GERDA VOM SALAMON HOF Sire: BANKO MARADONA VOM TEAM PANONIANSEE About me: Laura is the creme of the crop! She is a silly girl with a huge personality.Her loyalty is unmatched and her intelligence is even better.

Kim von der Maksimmus box

Gender: Female Dam: Nelly vom Gedersberg Sire: V Santo od Petkovica IPO-1 About me: Kim is one of our newest import females. We love the expression of black pigments in her as well as her gentle predisposition. VIEW MY PEDIGREE

Normandia von Mining

Gender: Female Dam: La Montana von Mining BH,IPO1 Sire: 2xVA BSZS 15-16 Risco vom Suentelstein IPO 3 About me: Mandi is one of our import females. Her pedigree is to die for. Her rich black coat and stunning structure are just a few of the reasons why Mandi is one of our top import females. VIEW MY PEDIGREE

Gala Nesmir

Gender: Female Dam: Anita Terra Uva Sire: Champ zum Kolbenguss About me: One of our new import females. Gala is an amazing dog with form and grace. Her colours are impeccable and we’re hoping she will pass on her dark red hues to her offspring. View my Pedigree

Bea von Igo-Nik

Gender: Female Dam: CINDY VON DER URBECKE Sire: BEETHOVEN TOPOLVNICKI About me: Bea is one of our import dogs. She’s a great addition to our bloodlines. View my Pedigree

Winnie von Shiphra

Gender: Female Dam: Maxine von Shiphra Sire: Zenon vom Amalaberg About me: Meet Winnie! Our little bear cub! She is an amazing plush haired shepherd with a great attitude. Strong, high prey drive and very high motivation to work and please.


Gender: Female Dam: SG-2 Belen by Bono Vox Sire: V Nero Sedlarski About me: Tina is a gorgeous girl with great drive. A little stubborn she is a dog that is more on the aloof side. She’s overly protective and a great mother to boot. She was one of our earlier spring imports and we can’t be happier to have her.

Aussi (Ozzy) vom Naisshof

Gender: Female Dam: Lejdi vom Naisshof ED-SV-NORMAL Sire: SG 9 BSZS V1 Aslan vom Türkenkopf SCHH1,IPO3 About me: View my awesome pedigree Here

Bambi Von Shiphra

Gender: Female Born: Sire: Kolt vom Alpenhof Dam: V Queenie vom Romerland About me: Daughter of our amazing Queenie. She has quite the name to live up to! Her father Kolt is the son of the outstanding world champion Xbox dei Precision and he has passed on every quality on to his son Kolt. Just look here to see how amazing his father just is. Xbox page and Xbox PedigreeHere is her mother Queenie’s pedigree.  


Gender: Female Dam’s Birthdate: Dam: GINA DEI PRECISION Sire: KOLT VOM ALPENHOF About me: Introducing Juno! One of our youngest but brightest stars. Daughter of V1 Gina Dei Precision, Juno follows closely in her mother’s footsteps in both beauty and brain. She is a loyal dog who is eager to please. Her structure and movement is to die for and we have her pedigree to thank. She hails from greats such as VA 8 BSZS 09 Bojan vom Pendler, Yasko …

Maxine von Shiphra

Gender: Female Born: Sire: Dam: About me: Meet our class clown Maxine! She is a big girl but still has tons of grace! She is funny, outgoing and we hope her wonderful temperament will be passed on.

[Retired] Indy von Shiphra

Gender: Female Born: Sire: Dam: About me: Meet Indy! She has a heart of gold. The perfect mom and everything a female german shepherd should have.

Gerda vom Salamon Hof

Gender: Female Born: Sire: VP3,SG2,CAC Eon von haus Salamon Hoff Dam: Vanta sa Vasarista About me: Gerda is an amazing female import! She has a very feminine structure and a beautifully rich coat with saturated reds and blacks. She is the granddaughter of double world champion 2xVA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard. View Gerda’s Pedigree here Gerda’s pedigree

[Retired] Gimmy von Komar

Gender: Female Born: Sire: SG1 (SER), V3 ( MAL) Uniks Walepharm Land Dam: SG2 Spirit Sremska About me: Gimmy is a stunning import female with a gorgeous coat and amazing structure. She is a sweetheart that loves to please. View Gimmy’s Pedigree here Gimmy’s pedigree

Nora vom Augusta

Gender: Female Born: February 20, 2009 Sire: Xamp Precision Dam: Katrina Dei Precision About me: We are so excited to show off our Nora! She is a stunning female who has beauty and brains. She is a sweetheart that is the perfect family dog. She is caring and very tender with her pups.

[RETIRED] V Gina dei Precision

Gender: Female Born: June 2nd, 2009 Sire: VA 8 BSZS 09 Bojan vom Pendler Dam: V Toska vom Frankengold About me: SchH1, KKL1 Hips “a” normal, Elbows normal We are proud to introduce Gina. The creme of the crop. Her structure and body is that of perfection. She is always ready to please and her temperament is exactly what we strive for in our pups. Her pedigree is a whole other story. She hails from greats such as VA 8 …