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10 Ingredients Your Pup Should Avoid

American pet food is a $24 billion industry feeding 70-80 million dogs and 96 million cats. However, many of the best known brands are filling their food products, even the ones which are supposed to be healthy or high quality, with chemicals, ingredients, and substances which are harmful to our dogs. If you have a new, German Shepherd puppy, or any German Shepherd for that matter, you should avoid these 10 ingredients at all costs:

Carrageenan – 70% of pet foods contains this ingredient, but it can cause intestinal inflammation.
Ethoxyquin – A preservative found in most dog foods but linked to kidney and liver damage.
Propylene Glycol – Can cause intestinal blockages and cancerous lesions.
BHT – Linked to cancer in dogs and also humans.
BHA – A preservative linked to kidney damage.
Food Dyes – Linked to allergic reactions, cancer, and organ damage.
Corn Syrup/Corn – Causes weight gain, hyperactivity, and diabetes.
By-Products – Tissue and organ disease, and tumors.
Xylitol – Linked with vomiting and lethargy.
Sorbitol – Linked with hyperactivity and exhaustion.

No matter how you feed your pup, keep an eye out for the classic signs of toxicity poisoning. If you act early and change their diet, you can help them recover. Check out this infographic from for more information on how to spot these signs, what each substance does, and how to get the right treats and food for your pup: